cs.upi.edu Redesign Concept

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Well, because a lot of the coursework and confusing to work on in which order. I finally decided to do something that I liked and did not charge the mind, that is web design.
This web is a redesign of the department of computer science education in cs.upi.edu. hopes could well liked, haha.

Coming Soon Dinamik 9

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Did you still remember Dinamik 8?
A year ago I've posted about it in this post
This year, Dinamik web located at http://dinamik.kemakom.org
That is my work and I am very proud
Try to open the site in the morning, afternoon and evening :)

Connecting 2 PC Using Peer to Peer

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An amateur video about how to connect 2 pc with peer to peer
PC 1 desktop background: House Doodle by Bobsmade
Intro & music: Last Summer Day Logo

Chibi Tutorial in Photoshop

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Ah, long time no see
This time I will share a photoshop tutorial. But I wrote this tutorial using Indonesian

Here the tutorial - http://goo.gl/62bnzI

3 Mas Ketir

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A photo taken last year in front of the JICA.
Afghan Ganjar Sauma - Hendra Arfiansyah (me) - Miftah Mizwar

How about yellow?

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When trying to use the color yellow. Yep, better in my opinion, probably because my favorite color is yellow.
This is the only my little hope.

Motherocksite Band

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My old friend has finally created a band, with a very handsome personnel, LOL
Rahmat Priyatin - Bassist
Muhammad Iqbal Lutfiana - Vocalist
Yosie Irianto - Drummer
Andi Kuswandi - Guitarist
Rd Agung Megantara - Guitarist
With a band called "Motherocksite", they begin a career in music with the blessing of their mother
This is the Official site

Avoid Bullets Released!

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الحمد لله
My second game was release
Maybe in my previous post about the Cockroach Riot games I just gives a splash screen only in order to be a surprise :D
So in this post I upload more detailed screenshot

This game can be downloaded here
I hope you enjoy it

Windows 8 Game

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Are you a gamer?
You should try the game that I made, a Windows 8 game called "Cockroach Riot"
This is a screenshot of my game

If you want to try it please download here
Don't forget to rate it and send your feedback for better applications

Oh yeah, I'm making another game called "Avoid Bullets"

This game is in the certification process, I hope this application can also be published so that you can try it :)

For Me

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Really need the spirit

Efek Rumah Kaca - Menjadi Indonesia

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Good Afternoon from Indonesia :D


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Your smile turned my world


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Countdown to the Dinamik 8 (Dies Natalis Mahasiswa Ilmu Komputer 8th Generation)
This is a Dinamik 8 poster with my chibi character.